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Petunia’s music is best enjoyed blaring from a crappy boombox while you drink moonshine and drive your tractor up and down the “strip.” Or if you don’t have a tractor, borrow your dad’s riding lawn mower. Their sound could be categorized with the cow-punk music that is so popular with the kids these days (see: Last Watch, Glassell Park 3, etc.) with some sing-along Paul Simon and John Prine cover tunes thrown in for good measure. They were formerly known as Pretty, Pretty Good, but that name was too exact. Therefore, they changed their name to an homage to a certain tattooed lady from a popular kids show. Bobby Coates brings the ruckus on the banjo, while Brandon Neumayer kicks up a shit-storm on the guitar. Sometimes Jesse Jerkstore bangs the drums along with them. If you’re lucky, you might catch them at a house party, offering accompaniment to a rousing game of beer pong. Ask Brandon to make Petunia dance while you’re at it.

Around since: 2011

Members: Bobby, banjo and Brandon, guitar, Jesse, drums

Site: Facebook
–Newton Wise


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