Shellshag forever!

November 17, 2015 § 1 Comment

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Shellshag’s rad homemade setup

Whatta Monday! Shellshag rolled into town at 9 PM and we all met up at Fred’s, for 45 unforgettable minutes that words can’t quite describe. Then we rolled to the VFW for a swimmingly good time with Hermanas Y Hermanas (more Jawbreaker-y every day!) and Midnight Hotdog, who had a proposal halfway through their set! Congrats to Mikki and Max! Holy crap!

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 11.19.50 AM

photo party time outside of Fred’s

Shellshag played a rad set with much boogying, and this time I did not fall down. I dig it when bands set up on the floor and the crowd stands around in a circle; makes for a much more fun and intimate experience, and nobody has to get stuck behind a tall person.

Then we all partied in Marty’s freezing garage and some wonderful lady showed up with a Piehole pizza. Shellshag said they plan to come back Lewis and Clark style and float down the river while playing live. Sounds like a plan.

So today I feel fantastic, but totes worth it. <3s to Shellshag and here’s hoping the rest of their crazy-long tour goes without a hitch.

In other news: Noisey has a profile of Dillinger Four that I am about to read, and Iron and Wine covered Gwar for AV Club. (Talk about things I never expected to say.)

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Ska weekend memoriez with LTJ and RBF

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Aw yeah, you know I went to Less Than Jake and Reel Big Fish at the Wilma on Saturday, and you know I skanked it up real good and proper-like. I crack a lot of jokes but whatever, there’s a reason RBF is still selling out venues after all this time—they put on a good show, they mix up their setlist but always include the favorites, and Hawaiian shirts will never go out of style.

Here’s some pictures of RBF taken by Kyle “Potted Meat Product” Kulseth. Would’ve snapped some of Less Than Jake but they played last and by that point we were too busy picking it up. “Johnny Quest” will be stuck in my head forever.

IMG_20150516_205145213 IMG_20150516_205239746 IMG_20150516_205304768 IMG_20150516_205337985 IMG_20150516_205347913

side note: had the realization that Reel Big Fish songs are still just about the most perfect lyrics when it comes to describing my personal life, which would be a tad bleak except that there’s horns! nothing can ever be bleak with a horn section. I should get one to follow me around at the bars.

P.S. the Joey Running Crane and the Dirty Birds residency continues at the VFW this Thursday! With special guests from outta town and metal covers. Woo.

Summatime house shows

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Puberty Wounds. much sweat. very floor.


Hey everyone, here’s a couple snaps of Baltimore band Puberty Wounds doing their scuzzy punk thing at a house show Tuesday evening, followed by a rather interesting rap performance from a friend of theirs featuring Tears for Fears samples. Buddy Jackson and Idaho Green played, too. Idaho Green sported some spiffy outfits, per usual, including Caleb’s French maid costume. Nice gams.

I’m not sure who else was there; I went on a beer run and missed two bands. You know how it is. Anyhow, thanks to the lovely uteruses and duderuses of the Doll House for throwing shows! Nothing like a hot, sweaty basement with loud music to really feel like a proper summer evening. Parking lot 40s are the best 40s.

In other news, the Total Fest schedule is now released! Go check it out and make thy plans accordingly.

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stay on target!

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You guys! The delightful Ryan Koreski, of The Damage Done fame (using “fame” loosely here ‘cuz this is punk we’re talking about) will be in Missoula Wednesday to play his Jefferson Death Star tunes.  I really hope he has some of those amazing stickers left. Plus those Buddy Jackson meatheads appear, and also Cat Heaven reunites for a ninth life.

Either way, you should check out my JDS review for the Indy, in which beer, pop punk and feelings ensue: “Allow me to acquaint you with the Pop Punk Lyrics Drinking Game for a moment. (Or Google it; I did not invent this.) Take a shot for every reference to friends or girls. Chug a beer during gang vocals. Eat one slice of pizza during references to growing up, the past, or self-deprecation in an upbeat song.”

In Melvins-type news, here’s Chris La Tray’s writeup of the King Buzzo show at the Palace. Sounds cool! If I had had an extra $20 to throw around, I would have dressed up in a Prince costume just to troll Buzz Osborne.

Anyway, setting all that business aside, here’s 25 Drinks And What They Should Really Be Called. (Yes, I am a sucker for stupid internet lists, but so are you.) Whiskey, Neat is “Time to prove to this bartender that I am cool as shit.”

-Please buy Kate all the stickers.


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Happy Monday, everyone! Last weekend was excellent. I would not have traded it for anything. Except maybe Prince’s pajama party.

Lessee: Lee Bains III and the Glory Fires and Austin Lucas were adorable on Friday. Lee Bains played sweaty rock and roll, and in between songs he’d call out racist government policies. So endearing. Austin Lucas was super cool, even as a bunch of drunk people flocked around him being nerds.

Kylesa destroyed at the Palace on Saturday; their singer/guitarist Laura was enthusiastic about the vegan quinoa salad I’d brought for the band dinner, I feel both pleased and hideously embarrassed. (And Kylesa took a picture, up on their Facebook, where you can see just how sweaty that show got. Also I am hideously embarrassed to be in it, but not so much that I’ll untag myself.) That show finished in time for me to cruise over to the VFW and catch most of Thee Oh Sees; it was surfy and reverby and sardine-packed. Smelled not unlike a can of sardines, too.

I was partied out by Sunday night, but the ZACC show with Jefferson Deathstar was fun, I’m told.

Here’s some Code Orange Kids to kick your day in gear.



most excellent

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Hey kids! Last night was marvelous. Quintron and Miss Pussycat were awesome and I think more bands need glow-in-the-dark puppet shows. Sherman Alexie was raunchy and hilarious and gross and awesome at the Wilma. That man is a goddamn writer. I feel ashamed to think of myself as a writer when there’s people like that. But you didn’t need to know about my own personal pathetic aspirations. Herm.

Also, tonight there are neat things happening, like the Cheeky Geeky Vaudeville thingy at the Crystal Theatre at 7 PM, which unfortunately is directly opposite the Order of the Red Antler fashion show at 7 at LA Designs on Broadway. Decisions!

Anyway, I recommend this band. Tonight we’re getting young drunk!

Party on,

K. Dubs


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dragI am going to bed in twenty minutes because huuurrggh, but first, I wanted to mention that in my dedication to the local arts scene (and beer) I went out on Sunday night to see Drag the River at Monk’s. The whole event was shrouded in confusion and mystery and excitement and overeager nerd fumbling, much like losing one’s virginity.

To wit: This is one of my all-time favorite bands and has been for years. It’s dudes from All and Armchair Martian with whiskey-soaked voices singing country. I geeked out about it in the paper, even. There was maybe a dozen or so people at the show, but people kept bringing the band shots (I think Chad Price had to have had at least seven drinks during the set) and afterward we all did a poor job of disguising how much we liked the dudes and wanted them to come back during a better night; i.e., not a quiet hungover Sunday night after Total Fest. So yeah. It was intimate, as much as that word makes me shudder. They played Barroom Bliss and Lizzie and the Hybrid Moments cover and Other Side of OK and a shit ton of their other rad songs.

Also, I wrote a revised version of my Total Fest recap for the Independent blog, and it makes slightly more sense and has lots more hilarious tidbits, so you should check that out.

And here’s a listicle of 10 Foods Found at a Punk Potluck, and it is quite spot on; though I’d swap out the goulash for some variation of mac ‘n cheese. Always with the mac and cheese. (That is, I almost always bring mac ‘n cheese to potlucks. Ha.)

K. Going to bed. Love you all.

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