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Firstly: David Bowie. Moment of silence. I am legit sad about this. Glass Spiders are supposed to be doing another Bowie tribute night at the Top Hat on March 5 and it is likely that I will just bawl through the whole thing.

Moving on.

Here are some things to look forward to in following weeks:

Friday the 22nd, Dear Rabbit, which I recall being a fun psychfolky Arizona band but dont’ quote me on that, graces the VFW along with Petunia and Rock & Roll Girlfriend. W00t!

January 29th, the Berning Man mini-festival starts at 2 PM in support of Bernie Sanders! With bands including Cairns, Tiny Plastic Stars, Idaho Green and Helena’s Star Cocoon, plus local artists and all the ridiculous Bernie puns you can handle.


January 30, one Jason McMackin, Esq., celebrates his birthday with a show that will probably be a sober and dignified affair. Oh, wait, except Total Combined Weight is playing. HAW.


March 22 is national quit your job day

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also I’m really happy that the only comment on the YouTube page is “fuck you steve”

p.s., there’s a ton of rad things happening in the coming week. check the show calendar for some vague details and then draw your own conclusions.

sandlot references n such

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Wee! SoCal pot-punk outfit Benny the Jet Rodriguez plays the VFW Wednesday, along with The (or Thee?!?) Hounds, Pancakes and other luminaries:

benny the jet rodriguez

There’s also a bunch of metal coming up, like Chron Goblin, Kadmin and Swamp Ritual at the Palace on Friday.

In silly news, Macaulay Culkin’s pizza-themed band got booed off a British stage. Oh those cheeky Brits, eh? I can’t really be bothered to be that pissed off about his stupid band theme. Love this quote: “Jess, 19 from Nottingham, said: ‘I feel really sorry for him. I mean, the music did sound terrible, but it isn’t very fair to be hit with so much beer and booed is it.'”

Our buddies in Burn Burn Burn go on a West Coast trip with the enviable tour name Pickleback to the Future. You can stream some of their stuff over on For the Love of Punk.

You oughta be paying attention to #YesAllWomen. Here’s a bunch of excellent, pithy points made on Twitter–and useful to remember the next time somebody’s being a misogynist douche.

Turbo Fruits tonight!

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Lest we forget– and I hope not, just about every print outlet in town has covered it– Turbo Fruits are tonight at the VFW, with openers the Boxcutters and Boys. Here’s the Facebook event. I mighta wrote some stuff about ’em for the Indy:

“What is this strange, magical phenomenon called Turbo Fruits? The Nashville garage rock band was formed around 2005, and appears to have almost instantly notched several marks of indie success including making appearances at Reading and Leeds in 2006 and at SXSW from 2007 to 2011, recording a song for the Whip It! soundtrack and touring in support of Jay Reatard, Dinosaur Jr. and Deer Tick.”

Read more here. It’s $7 at the door, 21+.

(I love the shit out of that album cover.)


Neat VTO poster

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Local punks VTO have some pretty awesome graphic design work going on.

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