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May 17, 2012 § 2 Comments

Hey internet. This blog has been created with the intention of documenting the music scene in Missoula, Montana, the best fucking place in the world.

Missoula Punk News’ mission is to be inclusive, fun and irreverent, as well as being progressive-minded.

Email Administrative Webmistress Editor-Lady Kate at missoulapunknews [@] gmail [.] com for info, to submit a piece or if you’re a touring band in need of assistance.

This site is dedicated to¬†mtpunkshows. In the days before Facebook invites, when your faithful Webmistress was the only kid at her rural Montana high school who’d ever heard of Minor Threat, mtpunk let me know there were great shows and a wonderful underground community right here in Montucky.

WHAT IS PUNK ROCK? (by Joe Briggs on Oi! Is This Punk Rock?)

“Punk rock is an inherently nebulous term used to describe a diverse artistic and social movements that have existed all over the world since for over 35 years now that can be generally defined by three criteria:

1) Noise. The abstract. Fast aggressive music. The Ramones.
2) Attitude. The personal. A kneejerk anti-authoritarian tendency and desire to goad and anger people. The Sex Pistols.
3) A tendency towards a progressive/radical political stance. The social. An attempt to work towards a more equal world. The Clash.

…It is also a lot of fun!”


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